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I am a Storyteller, Community Developer and Educator who has been using Digital Media as my primary medium for creativity and communication for over 20 years. I pride myself on actively listening and producing content that meets the needs and the demands of the environment.  Whether I am project lead, editor or educator I work to making sure that communication is open and fluid throughout the process of creating.  My passion is my work, I am committed to bringing stories to life and teaching others to do the same. ​Currently I live in Troy, NY, with my partner in life, business and fun; Zeke Kubisch. We have a lively dog named Dudley, two moody needy cats, Cricket and Cork, and are working on developing a small hops farm in Poestenkill, NY, with our friends. 

I am a big fan of game nights, good conversations, great beer and getting outside whenever I can!


Thank you for visiting my website and please feel free to reach out.

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